Jeremy Spring

Jeremy Spring - Chairman

Portfolio: floating

Jeremy joined the Parish Council in 2014, and was elected chairman in 2016. His portfolio is the Parish Plan and he also liaises with St Mary's Church on behalf of the Parish Council. He attends the quarterly Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) meetings.

He and his wife Kathryn moved to Streatley in 2010 and live in Rectory Road. During his career Jeremy worked in human resources and office management in UK and Europe; since retirement in 2011 he has become involved with local activities including the Goring Gap News and driving local residents to medical appointments. His main hobbies are cricket, walking and skiing.

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Nick Barnes

Nick Barnes - Vice Chairman

Portfolio: Website/Planning

Nick's principal portfolios are ICT and Communications, and Planning. He represents the Parish Council on the Heart of Streatley Charitable Trust and Friends of Streatley Rec. He is the lead councillor for planning applications in Rectory Road and Wantage Road.

Nick has lived in the village for 15 years and worked locally for most of them. Having felt like the right time to take a more active part in what goes on in the village, he joined the Parish Council in 2014. His father was mayor for a small town in Devon, and told him that being on a parish council would be interesting. He trained as a mechanical engineer, but decided pretty quickly that computers were more interesting.

He has been a volunteer for the Thames Rescue service for over 10 years, regularly keeping pleasure boats out of the way of the G&S regatta and similar events in the local area.

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Michael Robertson

Michael Robertson

Portfolio: Environment

Michael’s principal portfolio is Environment and Open Spaces. He represents the Parish Council on the Heart of Streatley Charitable Trust and Friends of Streatley Rec. He is the lead Councillor for planning applications in Wallingford Road and Reading Road.

Michael grew up in Goring and went to the local primary school, and then to secondary school in Wallingford. He moved to Streatley when he married his wife Kim 20 years ago, and has been here ever since. For the last 18 years the Royal Mail has been keeping him occupied as postman and supervisor.

I joined Streatley Parish Council because I feel very passionate about where I live, and feel very fortunate to live in an area of outstanding natural beauty. To be able to enjoy the ancient/historic footpaths & bridleways that we have is a delight. This explains why my portfolio is Enviroment & Open Space.

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Michael Robertson

Kate Mitchell


Kate’s principal portfolio is Highways and Transport (with Aslog Malmberg). She represents the Parish Council on the Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG). She is the lead Councillor for planning applications in The Coombe and Streatley Hill.

Having spent a number of years in the Middle East, Kate moved to Streatley in 2006 with her three children, two of whom are now at University. This frees up her time to be able to give something to the community by serving on the Parish Council.

Kate graduated from Exeter University and has worked in the financial markets, publishing and now works in the property world. Her hobbies include yoga, walking, art and music.

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Laura Coyle

Laura Coyle

Portfolio: Local Listing/Assets of Community Value

Laura’s principal portfolio is Local Listing and Assets of Community Value. She represents the Parish Council on the Emergency Forum. She is the lead Councillor for planning applications in Townsend Road and Three Gables Lane.

She and her husband Ray moved to Streatley in 2010. Their son attends Streatley Hill Pre School and Laura is currently chair of the pre school's management committee.

Laura is a housing solicitor at a law firm based in Oxford and Reading working with homeless people and tenants facing eviction.

She was a borough councillor in Haringey, London for six years where she developed a passion for being involved in her local community which has inspired her to join Streatley Parish Council.

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Peter Cox

Peter Cox

Portfolio: Youth & Recreation

Peter’s principal portfolio is Recreation and Youth. He represents the Parish Council on the Heart of Streatley Charitable Trust and Friends of Streatley Rec. He is the lead Councillor for planning applications in High Street, Bull Meadow and Hill Gardens.

Pete moved to the village in 2003 with his wife Liz. They have two children; a son at Streatley Primary and a Daughter at the Downs. He has previously been involved with the school fete and the pre-school committee and website.

Peter is a database administrator for a manufacturing company in Wantage. He previously worked in Legal technology in London.

In his spare time, Pete enjoys cycling, running, and being outdoors

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Aslog Malmberg

Aslog Malmberg

Portfolio: Parish Plan

Aslog’s principal portfolio is Highways and Transport (with Kate Mitchell). She represents the Parish Council at the Streatley Allotment Society. She is the lead Councillor for planning applications in Stichens Green and Southridge.

Aslog has lived in Streatley with her husband and three children since 2003.

Now retired from work as an NHS Psychiatrist she is keen to get more involved with supporting the community through the Parish Council. She was a school governor for 5 years and has been involved in several local youth sports groups.

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Hazel Barnes

Hazel Preston Barnes

Clerk to the Parish Council

If you need to know anything at all about the council and it's function, then Hazel is the person to contact

Hazel joined Streatley Council as Clerk in September 2018.

Hazel has lived in Streatley for over 20 years, which means she only has about another 20 to go before she can be considered a local. She has been an IT manager, a program manager and helped start a successful green energy company. Handling the day to day running of Streatley Parish Council should hopefully be relatively straight forward.

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