Colin Smith

Colin Smith - Chairman

Portfolio: Finance

Colin's principal portfolio is Finance. As Chairman he has no planning application areas.

Whilst completing an Engineering career, Colin moved to the village 14 years ago together with his wife and family. Widely travelled and experienced in an extensive range of projects, from houses to the largest of industrial sites, all of which involved active interfacing with Planning Departments, although in a number of different countries. After an active life to date and with retirement beckoning, Colin is now looking to become more involved and occupied with the local area, which is seen as his home.

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07917 271172


Martin Jubb

Martin Jubb - Vice Chairman

Portfolio: Traffic & Highways

Martin's principal portfolio is Traffic and Highways. He represents the Parish Council at the local NAG meetings. He is the lead Councillor for planning applications in Stichens Green and Southridge.

Martin has lived in Streatley since 2002 with his wife Sue. They have one daughter who works locally.

Martin is a retired Police Officer having completed 30 years service in the Thames Valley area.

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Nick Barnes

Nick Barnes

Portfolio: Website

Nick's principal portfolio is the web site, along with related technology used to help run the Council. He represents the Parish Council on the Heart of Streatley Charitable Trust. He is the lead councillor for planning applications in Wallingford Road and Reading Road.

Nick has lived in the village for 20 years and worked locally for most of them. Having felt like the right time to take a more active part in what goes on in the village, he joined the Parish Council in 2014. His father was mayor for a small town in Devon, and told him that being on a parish council would be 'interesting'. He trained as a mechanical engineer in London, but decided pretty quickly that, if he couldn't build steam trains, then computers were more his thing.

He has been a volunteer for the Thames Rescue service for over 15 years, regularly keeping pleasure boats out of the way of the G&S regatta and similar events in the local area.

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New councillor

Oscar Clark

Portfolio: Environment

Oscar has lived in Streatley with his family for over 24 years, apart from a few years out studying Product Design at university. He now is working for an electrical manufacturer as a regional sales engineer in the parish and surrounding area.

Oscar joined the Parish Council in December 2022, to help out with and become more involved with village and community life.



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Mark Davis

Dr. Mark Davis

Portfolio: Environment

Mark's principal portfolio is Environment and Open Spaces. He also represents the Parish Council on the Friends of Streatley Rec. Mark is the lead Councillor for planning applications in Townsend Road and Three Gables Lane, along with Cleeve Court.

Mark is a recent addition to the Parish Council. Mark moved into Streatley in late 2020 with his young family of 2 boys and is passionate about the beauty of our environment and loves the easy access to the "mountain" (for running/hiking) and river (for swimming and sailing). Mark is keen to learn more about the local geography and environment and to contribute to the local community.

Mark is a geologist by background and now is working to accelerate the energy industry to get to "net zero".


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Hazel Barnes

Hazel Preston Barnes

Clerk to the Parish Council

If you need to know anything at all about the council and it's function, then Hazel is the person to contact

Hazel joined Streatley Council as Clerk in September 2018.

Hazel has lived in Streatley for over 20 years, which means she only has about another 20 to go before she can be considered a local. She has been an IT manager, a program manager and helped start a successful green energy company. Handling the day to day running of Streatley Parish Council should hopefully be relatively straight forward.

Hazel has 'retired'

Hazel has now retired. We have a new clerk, whose details will be available shortly. Please use the current email as usual to contact the Parish Council.

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