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COVID-19 Response

Help from Streatley Emergency Response Group (SERG)

In unprecedented times we aim to enable those who are fit, well and willing to help others who are more vulnerable, may suddenly become ill or need any help.

Local Support

Streatley Emergency Response Group (SERG) was formed at the beginning of the pandemic and put together a range of help for residents and visitors. This has been hugely helpful in providing assistance to those most in need. As we move into a new stage where lockdown restrictions are being lifted, the shielded are now allowed some 'release' and some residents are returning to work and school, we want to reassure you that assistance is still available.

Test and trace may mean that a completely different set of individuals and families suddenly find themselves having to isolate, which may come at very short notice. You may be thinking about the help that you would want if it happens to you and your family. We have a range of services we can offer as detailed below.

Goring and Streatley Villages Helpline

 01491 525 639

The Helpline offers

  • Finding your street champion
    For help with your shopping or to pick up your prescription/medication. To put out bins and generally keep in touch
  • Finding an alternative volunteer
    Find someone else if your street champion is unavailable
  • Liaise with the pharmacy
    To ensure your medication is ready when you ask a street champion to pick it up
  • Source of Local Information
    Give you all sorts of local information such as shop opening times, vet services, entertainment in isolation services and so on
  • Volunteering
    Taking your details if you want to become a volunteer
  • Advice on other services
    Signpost you to government services at both the district and national level
  • Help for Street Champions
    Let us know if you need to temporarily or permanently cover your area - we can provide Village Volunteers to help

Other Services within Streatley

 07787 376 156

Additional Services

  • Help getting online
    For those unaccustomed to digital life, we have people with IT expertise. They can help you access the software to be able to stay connected with your family and friends (e.g. Zoom, Skype and others)
  • Listening Buddies
    Volunteers who will spend time on the phone regularly with residents who might be completely on their own.
  • Emotional Support Counsellors
    More in-depth emotional support from fully trained counsellors (free)
  • Pastoral Care
    St Mary's church will be open from 15th June 2020. The church building will be open for people to use for private prayer each day. People are asked to clean their hands on arrival with the gel provided, keep appropriate social distancing from others and remain aware of the risks in any public building.
  • Financial Assistance
    If someone who is isolated can't pay for shopping through online banking or has no access to cash, we can organise essential items to be bought and reimbursed by cheque (with the assistance of your street champion)
     Instructions for use
  • Access to Foodbank
    If finances have been very squeezed for example due to job loss and you are isolating, we can arrange pick-ups from the food bank.
  • Resilience and Bereavement Help
    If you need help arranging funerals, then we can help you find the right information. Or if you feel you may like to be prepared, the attached article may help
     Ready for any eventuality

West Berks Community Support Hub

 01635 503579
 West Berks Community Hub

District Services

  • Community Support Hub (WBCSH)
    The West Berkshire Community Support Hub (WBCSH) is working with SERG to match people who need help and support with those best able to provide it
  • Social Care Issues
    if you feel that you have a social care issue, such as you need help with an adult or child social care, or anything that is making you feel vulnerable because of the isolation during the emergency, then please call the WBCSH using the number above
  • Latest Bulletin
    The link opens the most recent bulletin from WBCSH
     Latest Bulletin

Streatley Parish Council

We're still here

The Parish Council is still operating, liasing with the local Emergency Response Group, whilst looking after planning applications, monthly meetings, and the usual village parish matters.

Follow the link to see more about the Parish and the village 

 More from the Parish Council

The Uniques Challenges for A Village in Lock Down

Read Alan Law's recent article about the Lock Down Challenge

A Community in Lock Down

Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are now carried out in a virtual environment, with the facility for those without Internet or PC to connect via a phone (landline or mobile).

If you would like to raise an issue and join the meeting, please contact the clerk with a short description of your concerns.

Agendas and timings can be found in the usual place, (Follow the Meetings link in the menu above).

 Email The Parish Clerk

Local Information

Prescription Process in the Parishes of Goring and Streatley

Changes from April 26th 2020

If you have medication prescribed by the Goring and Woodcote Practice in Red Cross Road and it is dispensed by Lloyds Pharmacy in the High Street then you need to allow 7 days for the complete process before collecting the medication. The two notes below show the process that has been agreed to help the Pharmacy, you and anyone such as Street Champions who collects the medication on your behalf. The Villages Helpline is a key link in making sure that journeys are not wasted and queues avoided so far as possible.

 Full Text Version with a detailed explanation

 Quick reference Flow Chart

Face Masks and Coverings

Advice June 2020

Many people have trouble understanding the difference between face coverings and face masks, and where they are required. We now have a simple document that will hopefully explain the differences, where they should be used, and how you can support local businesses in providing them.

 Face Masks and Face coverings Explained

 Face Masks and Face coverings Available from village charities

ACCIDENT AND EMERGENCY, Royal Berkshire Hospital

Changes from June 3rd 2020

As part of our gradual return to normal the Hospital's Emergency Department (A&E) has now switched back to a single site. Patients with serious health issues needing ED treatment can access the department through the main A&E entrance in Craven Road.

Social distancing will be in place and masks will also be available.

Patients with non-urgent health issues can seek help from 'Ask A&E' by going to: Ask Royal Berkshire NHS

This offers a symptom check facility and can signpost you to best healthcare service. Remember too that local pharmacists are experienced healthcare professionals and can advise on a range of medical issues.



Keep informed, Keep in touch

Much of the information is available electronically through the websites, email lists and social media group shown here. Please keep in touch and keep informed by checking for updates or signing up to some of these.

Some people do not use electronic communications and we are making special efforts to ensure that they are kept in touch, often through the Street Champions or leaving paper information at every home. If you know of anyone who might be missing out on regular information please tell us using

The Parish Council

Streatley Parish Council and SERG provide information here mainly about their response and some key sources of information from West Berkshire Council and national government. You can keep up to date with changes to our information by subscribing to our Twitter feed.

If you have any queries or suggestions about issues specific to Streatley please use the email below

Who are SERG?

Streatley Parish Council has set up Streatley Emergency Response Group (SERG) comprising 5 local people, 2 Parish Councillors and the Parish clerk, as well as the district councillor. The group is being coordinated by Nikki Swan who can be contacted on

07787 376156


Information Sources - GENIE

We will endeavour to keep this site up-to-date with information as it becomes available. We will also communicate through Genie regularly so please sign up, at least during this crisis.

Information Sources - Facebook Combat Corona Volunteers

This Facebook Group often post useful links and local knowledge. There are some uplifting storis as well.

You will also find information about the Street Champions here.

 Facebook CCV Group

Other Useful Links

There are many other sources of information and conversation.

 From the Government

 West Berks COVID19 Information

 NHS COVID-19 Advice

 BBC Health Advice

 Goring & Woodcote Medical Practice

Key Sources and Recent Guidance


 West Berks Council

  • Residents Information
    Information for all West Berks residents
      WBC Residents Information

  • Business Information
    Information for all West Berks businesses affected by Corona Virus
      WBC Business Information

  • Community Support Hub
    West Berks Community Support Hub pages
      WBC Support Hub

  • Warning about increase in COVID19 Scams
    There has unfortunately been an increase in the number of reported scams,
    and West Berkshire have issued a comprehensive guide to help in identifing them.

      WBC Scam Advice

  • Sign up for Weekly WBC Updates
    A weekly service update from West Berks
      WBC Service Updates

  • Recycling Centres to be Reopened - Press Release
    A recent email press release about re-opening recycling centres in West Berks
      WBC Opening Recycling Centres

 Parish Council