Most Recent Annual Audit Statement

The annual audit of accounts for Streatley Parish Council has been successfully completed. Below are links to the relevant documents.

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Village Documentation


A Parish Plan gives local people the opportunity to engage with their fellow residents, community groups, service providers and others to set out a vision for how they want their village or town to develop over the next 5-10 years.

There are many benefits to completing a Parish Plan, these include:

  • West Berkshire Council uses Parish Plans to help determine how local services are delivered in your area Parish Plans can create a real sense of community spirit and can reinvigorate local democracy
  • A Parish Plan provides clear evidence of community needs and priorities
  • A Parish Plan action plan provides the community with a defined list of community priorities
  • The completion of a Plan enables access to the Parish Plan Grant Fund and other funding streams
  • Parish Plans can highlight innovative projects which need help from other agencies
  • Parish Planning encourages partnership working
  • Parish Plans strengthen the Town or Parish Council's relationship with the community
  • Parish Plans are also used as a tool to complement and help deliver local planning policies (although they cannot override adopted planning policy)

Download the Streatley Parish Plan 2006 (PDF)

Download the new 2016 Streatley Parish Plan Update (PDF)

Download the new 2016 Streatley Parish Plan Action Sheet(PDF)


Village Design Statements are produced by communities to identify local character and set out design guidance to help guide new development.

Their purpose is to manage change, whether that change is major new development or just cumulative, small scale additions and alterations. They are not about whether development should take place; that is a job for the Local Plan / Local Development Framework.

Town and Village Design Statements are about encouraging development to be carried out in a way that is in harmony with its setting and makes a positive contribution to the local environment. By describing the qualities and characteristics that people value in their villages and surroundings, local communities can have an input into the planning process.

Streatley Parish Council prepared a Village Design Statement in 2009.

The final document has been published by the Streatley VDS team and is available to download below. A CD copy is available on request from the clerk.

Streatley Village Design Statement (PDF)


West Berkshire Council has prepared a draft Conservation Area Appraisal for Streatley, which is part of a series which will cover all conservation areas in West Berkshire. We are now consulting the public for its views on the draft document.

The final version of the Streatley Conservation Area Appraisal will be a key document used by the Council and by any Planning Inspector at Appeal in determining any planning application for development which affects the conservation area.

This document can be downloaded from the West Berks Council.

Streatley Conservation Area Appraisal (PDF)